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Who are behind
Ask the Estate Agent

We are a qualified team of Estate Agents who care passionately about helping you the listener to navigate the property market and achieve your property, goals, aspirations and dreams whatever they may be.

Whatever you need to know to do this, we want to provide to you here at ‘Ask the Estate Agent.

Buying, selling, renting or investing, ask the Estate Agent is here to help you.

 Your on demand source of property information.

Every week we will be producing and sharing content, answering your questions, interviewing industry experts  and discussing a wide range of property related topics.

As a listener we want your questions to answer. Whatever your worries, concerns or needs are, contact us via our social media channels on facebook, twitter or instagram or alternatively post your questions on our website and we’ll answer them in the podcast.

We hope you find this resource useful and that helps educate as well as dispell uncertainty around getting on the property ladder  or making that next move.

So don’t forget to contact us with any subjects you would like us to cover or questions you would like answering and until next time I would like to thank you for listening!

Bye for now and remember ‘Knowledge is power but only if acted on’

Why – Ask the Estate Agent

The property market is an extremely complex, fast paced and ever changing market place. Add into this the life changing events that impact house moves in our lifetime and  the associated emotions and you can understanding why moving home is seen as one of the most stressful times of any persons life.

 Giving you our listener the knowledge is the first step through weekly updates, expert interviews and answering your questions and concerns.

Knowledge however is only power when it’s acted on so the next step is for us to empower you to take action and make those property goals and dreams a reality.

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