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#026 Seven mistakes to avoid if you’re a first time buyer

first time buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, scary and emotional – usually all at the same time. What makes the experience different from any other house purchase is that you have no prior experience on which to base your expectations and can easily trip up on mistakes that a second-time buyer would know to avoid. If…

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#025 What is a property chain? and how to avoid it

property chain

Buying and selling a home can be affected by a number of factors. One of these factors is called a property chain. This is a description of buyers and sellers linked together because either one or the other needs to sell a home before being able to buy one. Ideally, the best scenario to be…

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#024 What is an EPC and why do you need one?

energy performance certificates explained by ask the estate agent podcast

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a guide that would-be buyers or tenants get when they look at a property. When should you get an EPC? As a general rule, an EPC is required every time a home is put up for sale or for rent. So, a newly constructed home will have one, a…

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Property Market Update – Summer 2018

Property Market Update

Here is your latest property market update for the UK residential market. Recorded in August 2018 this Podcast gives you the latest update on how the residential market is performing through the summer months of 2018.

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#023 How to prepare your home for your professional photo shoot

tips for presenting your property for photographs

Preparation is key to ensuring the photographer can capture your property in its best possible light. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property. They need to be able to instantly visualise the potential of your home, with their furniture and belongings, and to imagine themselves living there. As with so many things,…

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