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Top tips to consider when viewing a property

Searching for your next property? Get the most out of every viewing with these top tips.

1. Know what you want before you view.

Set your budget

Be clear on your property requirements, the space, type of property, garage, garden, location, etc

This way you wont waste your time being shown properties that don’t meet your requirements.

2. Have an open mind.

Be prepared to look past how the current owner lives, furnishings etc.

3. Have a second pair of eyes.

Take a friend, family member for a second opinion. Remember they may not fully understand your requirements or your vision so don’t be afraid to disagree but use the opinion to question things and consider the property from another angle. You may just well come across something you completely missed.

4. Give yourself plenty of time to take everything in. 30 minutes I would expect to me a minimum for viewing the inside of a property and 30 minutes outside.

Second view if required.

5. Ask plenty of questions, about the property, the local area and even as to why the vendor is selling

6. Look for tell tale signs of issues such as damp, cracking etc. – This will help you determine what kind of survey you will instruct

7. Explore the neighbourhood.

Walk the local area.

How far away is the nearest shop.

8. Be realistic – Its unlikely you will find a property that 100% matches your exact requirements and that is 100% in the condition you would like. Know the elements that are a must have.

9. Be polite and courteous – remember you are in somebodies home and could even be viewing with the homeowner present so be polite and courteous and a good impression can be formed. This may lead to more information being provided as conversation flows more easily and may also benefit you should it come down to a multiple offers situation.

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We hope you find this resource useful and that helps to educate as well as dispel any myths or uncertainty around getting on the property ladder or making that next move.

So don’t forget to contact us with any subjects you would like us to cover or questions you would like answering in the coming episodes and until next time I would like to thank you for listening and bye for now.

About the author, David Thomas

David Thomas is an Entrepreneur and passionate Estate Agent who loves helping others on their property journey.

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