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David interviews Anna Hart – Home Staging Expert – Should you consider staging?

Hello everybody and welcome to episode 14 of Ask the Estate Agent Podcast. This week’s episode is answering the many questions we have received concerning the subject of home staging. Firstly what is home staging? Should I consider this for selling my home? What are the benefits and costs? And how do I go about implementing this as part of a marketing strategy.

Now to answer these questions and more we are delighted to welcome to the show this week Anna Hart. Anna is an expert in this field and acts as an independent property consultant helping home owners and developers to successfully sell their properties. For over 7 years now she has created marketing strategies to achieve her clients goals whether that’s getting the top price or a fast sale or both! Home staging is certainly one of her key expertise and therefore I’m excited to have her on the show today to share her experience and knowledge and to answer all your questions on this subject!

So without further or do I’d like to welcome Anna to the show.

Anna welcome to the podcast and thanks for giving up your time today.

Now this show is all about helping people negotiate the property ladder and your expertise in marketing strategies and home staging is a big part of actually selling homes!

In this episode we cover:

  • Annas background and how she got into home staging
  • What does home staging usually involve? (renting or purchasing furniture).
  • People often confuse home staging with interior design so how do these services differ?
  • Why should people consider staging if they are looking to sell their property?
  • What are the benefits and results achieved?
  • Foreign markets such as the US and Australia really embrace this marketing strategy so why do you think its not commonly used in the UK?
  • The growth in popularity within the UK.
  • Market conditions and how home staging comes into play.
  • Are there any situations or circumstances where you wouldn’t advice staging?
  • Anna’s top tips if you have a property on the market that’s sticking and you aren’t getting the interest you expected.
  • Finally how to contact Anna if they have any questions on marketing strategies and home staging.

And that concludes today’s episode on Home Staging. I hope you’ve found it useful and that it’s given you a few pointers to take away and perhaps implement in your own marketing strategy and if you need any further help or advice then please do reach out and get in touch with Anna using the links below. We highly recommend her excellent book which covers all the tips mentioned and more!

You can contact Anna through her website here:

You can purchase a copy of her fantastic book here:

And if you would like the book on kindle you can purchase the book through Amazon here:

To contact us with your property questions for future episodes please see the links below:





So don’t forget to contact us with any subjects you would like us to cover or questions you would like answering in the coming episodes and until next time I would like to thank you for listening and goodbye for now.

About the author, David Thomas

David Thomas is an Entrepreneur and passionate Estate Agent who loves helping others on their property journey.

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