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How should I be marketing my property for the best results?


Hello everyone and welcome to episode 15 of the Ask the Estate Agent Podcast. Today’s episode is answering the question: How should I be marketing my property for the best results? Here we’ll discuss all the factors you need to be incorporating into your marketing strategy in order to achieve the highest price for your property whether for sale and let and also a quick transaction. So without further ado let’s get started.

If you are going to do something, you may as well do it right. There are a lot of things in life where you can take a laid-back approach, almost thinking “will this do” and you’ll get the result you want. However, if something is important or it matters to you, it is surely best to give it everything you have to get the best possible outcome?

With that in mind, what could be more important than selling or letting your home in the most effective and powerful manner?

There are obviously many things that impact on the effective of a property sale, but the marketing of your property is crucial. There is a good chance that your home will be like other homes on sale in your local area. All the external factors will be the same, so you can’t differentiate on education options, transport options, shops or crime rate, which means that you need to focus on the home.

Then again, many homes on a street or in an area are similar, so unless extensive conversion or transformation work has taken place, there may not be much to differentiate between homes in an area. This could make it difficult to differentiate your home from all the others on sale close to you, but this is where marketing is all important.

Marketing your property makes a significant difference

Think about the multitude of products available in supermarkets, stores or online. There isn’t a lot of difference between many products and it is often the marketing activities a firm undertakes which makes all the difference. This doesn’t mean you should conduct a huge marketing campaign in the style of Coca-Cola or Pepsi to try and differentiate yourself from a very similar rival, but you should be prepared to promote your property as best as you can.

One of the most basic approaches to consider is to offer more. The more work you do and the more features or advice you offer to prospective tenants, the easier it becomes for them. Don’t feel as though a prospective buyer is doing you a favour, go out and impress them or help them to come to a decision.


Floor plans

Buyers want to find out as much about a home as they can and while images and even video content are of benefit, they don’t always tell the full story. Savvy buyers want facts about a property and a floor plan provides information that prospective buyers can use in their evaluation. It allows people to consider the flow of the home from the comfort of their own property, and makes the process seem real.

One issue that some vendors have found is that prospective buyers see limited information abut a home, develop an idea in their head about what the home is like and when they view the property, reality doesn’t match their expectations. A floor plan brings the reality of the property to light much earlier in the process.

Some people may say that a floor plan is a poor idea because it provides information that will turn some prospective buyers off from your home. That is one way to look at it but the more effective way to consider this is that it helps narrow down your audience. This means the people who arrange a viewing will be more likely to have a genuine interest in your home and while having a lot of people interested in your home is nice, it is far better to have a smaller number of interested traffic than many people who are undecided about your home.

As with most of these tips, you will find that some vendors don’t offer floor plans so straight away, you have an advantage over them. With so many properties listed on property portals, you need to stand out from the crowd and offering a floor plan is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from other homes.

Staged professional photographs

Having discussed the importance of differentiating yourself from other homes on property portals, it stands to reason that staged professional photographs are important. Yes, this will cost you money and probably a bit of time to arrange but the result that comes from this action will pay off.

Hiring a professional with experience of staging your home to create the best impression for buyers grabs attention and makes people want to see more. You may not have thought too much about it but the difference in impact you can have by creating more space and light in your images can help you sell your home quickly and for a better price.

Detailed description

Detailed descriptions are hugely important for several reasons. You want to give prospective buyers as much information as possible, similar to the benefits of offering a floor map of your property, including measurements and facts about the property helps people to make a more informed decision, and this is how you create genuine interest in your property.

There is also the fact that detailed descriptions of your property make it easier to be found by the right people. Online property portals allow viewers to filter properties by many factors or features, so make sure that your property is listed properly because this will ensure that you are found by people who have criteria that you match.

There is also the fact that detailed descriptions will help with SEO, search engine optimisation. This isn’t something that is mentioned too much when it comes to selling a home, and this is due to the success of online property portals. There will be some people who go directly to a property portal, but this isn’t the case for everyone. There will be some prospective buyers who start their search on Google or Bing and type in details of the home that they are looking for. Having a detailed description in your listing improves the likelihood of your home being found by people who want to find it.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing provides fantastic opportunities for companies these days, but it is also of benefit to estate agents and property owners who are looking to sell. One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is that it allows for word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials.

Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram posts are easily shared or passed on to other people, and this is a key factor in the property market. The person or household who buys your home isn’t always looking to buy a home. Often it is someone else bringing a home or property opportunity to someone’s attention that persuades the buyer to act or get involved with the process.

You can pay for advertising on social media, and the targeted features make it a suitable option when you are focused on a local area, but with property listings, you can share fantastic content at no cost. The use of hashtags and engaging in conversations will help to spread the word about your property, and this can help you to go viral.

Premium/Featured listings

Local marketing

The benefits of online activity and social marketing are important, but don’t forget the benefits of local marketing. The rate of change in the property market in recent years is more akin to revolution as opposed to evolution, but many traditional aspects still have merit.

It makes sense to use local marketing methods to promote your home because not everyone is online and not every prospective buyer is actively searching for your home. Placing a “for sale” sign at your property can help direct people to your home when it comes to views, but it also grabs attention.

It may be that a neighbour isn’t looking to buy your home, but they know someone looking to buy property in your area if an opportunity arises. Placing a for sale sign at your property alerts people to the availability of your property at no actual cost to you.

You’ll also find that choosing an estate agent who have a physical presence in town is a promising idea. An estate agent that has a lot of passing foot traffic can generate interest in a property. You may consider homes listed on a window in an estate agent’s property to be a traditional form of marketing, but it works, and therefore it is something to retain in your marketing activities.

There are many ways you can reach out to buyers and showcase your home in the most effective manner. If you are serious about selling your home, you need to be committed to the process. Hiring a skilled and experienced estate agent is a fantastic starting point in selling your property but for the best results, you need to go all in on your marketing activities.

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