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Want to invest in property? FREE Course!

We have an incredible gift for all our listeners who might be interested in Property Investment.

Whether you are totally new to property investment or an experienced investor we hope this gift will help inspire you and educate you as to just what is achievable through property investment.

Through our friends at Progressive Property we have been able to secure a limited number of FREE tickets to their three day – Multiple Streams of Property Income course.

This life changing multiple streams of property income live event takes place in peterborough, London, Manchester & Scotland with plenty of dates to choose from.

The only event of it’s kind in the UK where multiple streams of property income are revealed in a full-on 3 day networking and training course.

Multiple streams of property income takes you through UK Property Multi-Millionaire Rob Moore’s 6 stage Investor System, taken you on a proven journey from new investor to £MultiMillion property business owner, revealing and detailing multiple income strategies through property investing for long term and more short term, immediate cash flow.

What you will cover:

  • The content is designed to build up from fundamentals early to the more complex & advanced strategies later on through the event.
  • Fundamentals, the current market conditions explained by our Progressive Property experts.
  • Single lets – are they still viable, how to profit from them, where to get them, how to get them, how to manage them & how to leverage, scale & create systems to remove yourself from them.
  • How to raise finance & do ‘none of your own money’ & JV deals inc. where & how to get the money & the process
  • How to secure low/no cost deals through rent to rent.
  • The best types of properties to buy & not to buy with case study examples (including systems)
  • How to replace your job income quicker with deal packaging (sourcing & selling on quickly)
  • How to do mul -lets & the 5 types of HMOs that you could leverage for more cash flow
  • The 6 stage property investor roadmap that I created to show the full journey from skint/ starting out to multi -millionaire investor.
  • How to maximise the current serviced accommodation craze.
  • How to do commercial conversion projects
  • How to do various no money down (none of your own money, options, instalments, etc) deals
  • How to pick the best & right strategies for you from the above (70-20-10)
  • Action step & goal setting section to sum up & start implementing everything covered
  • An unprecedented & unparalleled networking opportunity
  • Proof of over £65M in JV funds Ventured & Over £200M of Property Purchased INSIDE the Progressive Community: Meet the *Ordinary* Property Millionaires in Person!
  • The shot in the arm of motivation you need to carry you over the next few weeks or months..& more

To claim your free tickets all you need to do is get in contact with me using any of the links below and we can run through dates and locations that will suit you and the tickets will be on there way to you.






I hope you find this free course useful and that helps you take the next step on your property journey.

In the meantime, don’t forget to contact us with any subjects you would like us to cover or questions you would like answering in the coming episodes and until next time I would like to thank you for listening and goodbye for now.

About the author, David Thomas

David Thomas is an Entrepreneur and passionate Estate Agent who loves helping others on their property journey.

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