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Selling through the festive season? Stand out from the crowd

Here are some top tips to help you sell through the competitive festive season.

Get your decorating in order

The interior of the house sells it more than anything, so it is important to get the basic decorating inside the house right.

If you have any garish colours in any rooms, get rid of them and replace with creams and beiges. Bright and striking rooms will attract attention, but they will be far more likely to turn buyers away.

Similarly, get rid of any large pieces of furniture that make the rooms look cluttered. Space sells, and the fewer items you have in the house, the more spacious it will look.

Top quality marketing

As much as the interior of your house will sell it, getting the marketing right will attract the buyers in the first place – you can’t sell a home if no one comes to see it.

Make sure you get the property online and ensure that it is well described and photographed in order that people can get a good idea of what they are coming to see. The more they know, the more likely they’ll book a viewing.

Dimensions and Floor Plan is a must!

Check your Kerb appeal

We all know the importance of first impressions when meeting new people, and it is no different when you are selling your house. The first impression people get will be all important to them.

Make sure your garden is clean and tidy and well pruned. Fences should always be painted and in a good state of repair. Anything out of place is a negative in the eyes of buyers, and it is important to minimise these to increase the chances of selling.

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About the author, David Thomas

David Thomas is an Entrepreneur and passionate Estate Agent who loves helping others on their property journey.

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