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How to move with kids

Moving home is a hard job on its own; factor in moving with pets or children and it becomes a whole new level of planning and energy.

From pre-planning to settling in, see if some of these ideas could make your home move a little easier.

  1. Before the move, talk to the children about why you are moving and integrate the idea into their daily life – they can create some art for the new home or create a map of their new area.
  2. If possible, take them to their new home and let them see and plan out the layout and colour scheme of their new bedroom before the move.
  3. Visit the new area several times before you move and find a local park or playground so that when the children ask about the move, you can remind them that they’ve been to the area before and stop their anxiety.
  4. Give your children the responsibility of packing their most important bits into one box. Use this as a good time to have a clear out too, so the new bedroom of the new home can be a new exciting adventure.
  5. Pack the children’s boxes last into the removals van so they’re the first boxes out and you can set the kids up with their toys whilst you’re offloading the rest of the stuff.
  6. Pack an essentials box for each member of the family. You’ll need toilet roll, PJs, toothbrushes – and nappies or toiletries for the little ones. This way, you don’t have to unpack everything to find all your important bits. Let the kids pick one teddy or toy to accompany them in the car.
  7. If able, ask friends or family to look after the kids for some of the day, so you can pack up, move and unpack swiftly and effectively.
  8. On the first night, get the kids’ stuff unpacked and get them surrounded by their comfortable items, then have a break and have a family dinner so they have a chance to settle in and have a bit of a break from the chaos. If you don’t have furniture yet, why not make a bedsheet tent for the kids’ first night adventure!
  9. Let the kids plan a welcome party in the new house where they can have their friends over for dinner or a sleepover. This will give them something to look forward to.
  10. Get the kids busy in their new home baking cookies to take round to your new neighbours. This will keep them busy, get them used to their new surroundings and give them something exciting to think about – making new friends!

Use some of our top tips and make your home move as easy as possible, whilst helping your children settle in properly. Then, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new home!

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