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The Tenant Fee Act 2019 and what you need to know

Tenant Fee Act 2019 now law with tenant fees now banned.

The Tenant Fee Act is now in force from the 1st June 2019. The Tenant Fees Act sets out the Government’s approach to banning letting fees for tenants. The key measures of the Act include: Tenancy Deposits must not exceed the equivalent of five weeks’ rent (unless the annual rent exceeds £50,000 in which case…

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Rent your spare room tax-free

Episode 62 rent a room tax free

Got a spare room and in need of a little extra income? Using the Rent a Room scheme to get a lodger could be worth considering. What is Rent a Room? Landlords typically get taxed on income they earn from renting property. But under the Government’s Rent a Room scheme, householders could earn an income…

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Tenants beware of growing rental fraud

Episode 61 - Tenant fraud

Prospective tenants are being warned about a fraud scam that cons people into paying an advance fee to rent a property. The National Landlords Association says it’s been contacted by several individuals who have fallen victim to the scam, where fraudsters have used NLA branding and fake letters from NLA representatives to make their approaches…

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5 documents your landlord must hand over to you (by law)

documents your landlord must give you as a tenant

Here is the essential list of documents that you should expect as a tenant from your landlord. A copy of the Government’s rental guide This guide sets out all the information you should be given as a tenant, your legal rights and what to expect from the rental process: How to rent: The checklist for renting in…

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What costs to expect when renting a property

What to expect when renting a property including the likely costs

If you are renting a home for the first time, lettings agency fees can come as a nasty surprise. Get prepped on what to expect with this short guide In 2016 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced he would place an outright ban on lettings agent fees charged to tenants. The Government has now confirmed…

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